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Aloha, Hawaii!!!
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These are some photos are from our recent trip to Maui, Hawaii in December 1999. This was my first trip to Hawaii ever and it was absolutely stunning. You may click on any image for a full size photo. This page may take a minute to load, so be patient!!!!
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Beach sunset from our hotel

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Iao Needle

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Rainbows are an everyday occurrance in Hawaii. It also rains almost daily, but they say if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes, and it really holds true!!!
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Ohe'o Stream - seven pools

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In Hawaii you can see everything from black sand beaches to waterfalls, rock formations from lava flows, and even a humpback whale or two. I unfortunately did not get any of the whales on film, but they were there like they are every winter.  

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What's the weather like today???

current weather conditions


Until next time....Aloha!!!!!



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