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Hi everyone and welcome to my page! My name is Gus and I was named after Redskins QB Gus Frerotte, my daddy's favorite team. I am the oldest and the "alpha", or "top dog" of the house. I am 4 years old now, but am still very much a puppy at heart. This is a picture of me at 7 weeks first rope was bigger than me!


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I was brought home at seven weeks of age. I have a very good pedigree, but never aspired to be a show dog. My attention span is somewhat limited. As a puppy I was very mischevious, and liked to chew up everything I could find...leather shoes, handmade quilts, bedding in my crate, you-name-it...I probably destroyed it! So, my mom and dad decided I needed a playmate...along came Elvis. I was glad 'cuz he was even worse when it came to chewing on stuff!

Mostly, I am the boss of the house. Sometimes, I let Elvis think he is...but I know the truth. My favorite things include playing with all my toys, car rides, and my basketball. I am very friendly and love all dogs. I like to try to lay in people's laps and am a tremendous bed hog. I also have a very sensitive stomach, and can clear a room in 2 seconds flat.

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Truthfully, all I want to do in life is play. I can go non-stop for hours playing fetch with the tennis ball, the basketball, the rope, and the frisbee. If you come to visit, I will bring out every toy I own and try to get you to play with me. I love running around my backyard and chasing Elvis. I also love having company because I get all the attention!!! p>




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