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Hi everyone and welcome to my page!!! My name is Elvis and I was named for an NFL quarterback like my brother. Mama wanted to name me after Brett Favre, but it was a sissy name, so daddy got to choose another name. Plus I like to sing! Although I am the younger one (I'm also 4 but I am 3 months younger than Gus), I get all the attention because I'm the "baby" and am real good at making pouty faces. I learned this at a very young age.

I was brought home at six weeks of age. Boy was I glad, because I had 7 brothers and sisters, and it was crowded where I lived. Picture 10 dogs in a trailer home! Anyways, I didn't know it at the time, but I was very sick from parasites and very vitamin deficient, but my new family took me to the VET (who I LOVE!!!) and Gus watched over me til I got better. I now know I came from a BYB and my dad was a white boxer. I am so glad my new family rescued me.

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Now I am a little hellion. Whenever I can, I bark. I am also the family watchdog. I protect them from squirrels, birds, butterflies, and people I don't know. I also like taking baths, and I love to play with the frisbee, chewy toys, tennis balls, or whatever my big brother Gus has at the time. My dislikes include golf clubs, all dogs bigger than me, and the vacuum!

However, my absolute favorite thing to do is be a love. Whenever I can, I give kisses to everyone and anyone who will let me. I am a pro at snuggling and will cuddle at any given opportunity. Sometimes, I even let Gus snuggle next to me!!! Except when he steals my toys. Gotta draw the line somewhere, ya know!!!


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